Healthy for your babe

Here are two screen shots of two different articles. The first screen shot explains all of the chemicals in disposable diapers. The second screen shot explains one of those chemicals, Dioxin, and what it does to small humans (like a baby).

Don’t worry, I’ve highlighted the important parts for you already… ūüôā

Scary, right??

Want to read the entirety of these articles so you can be even more in-awe that these are even allowed to exist?

Click here  and here to read more.

ALSO! Did you know that cloth diaper babies hardly ever (if ever) get diaper rashes? Yep! That’s right. No diaper rashes! Add that to the pros list!

Healthy for the planet

Disposable diapers take¬†literally¬†FIVE¬†centuries (500 years. Five. Hundred. Years.) to decompose. Not to mention those nasty chemicals you just read about¬†–¬†they’ll just continue to sit there in our landfills until the diapers finally do decompose – into our soil, and consuming our planet, and… well, you get it.


Again, so scary!

They’re just so cute!

Would you rather see a baby in something that resembles paper for the next two years, or would you rather have cute prints and styles that go hand in hand with your cute baby?

Honestly, just look at this cute bum (said no one ever with a bum wearing a disposable):



1) (and my main reason, because I’m lazy) No trips to the grocery store because you’re short on diapers. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather walk to my laundry room and stay in my comfy PJs than to pack my baby up and run an unnecessary errand.

2) If you’re thinking about signing up for one of Cheeky Thing’s cloth diaper services, the ease is unbelievable. Cheeky Things will do¬†everything¬†for you – like, nice and clean cloth diapers and accessories straight to your door? Yes please!

3) No extra (smelly) trash to deal with! Yay!

Less Mess

Yes, really! You ask, “what about the poop?” and I ask, “what about the poop?!”

What do I mean?

I’m talking about all those dang blow outs you have to deal with when you’re using disposables! You’re¬†still¬†dealing with poop regardless of the diaper you choose (sposies or cloth) – the only difference is that cloth poop is contained, and sposie poop is not.

The moral: cloth diapers mean less blowouts.

Some more reading, if you’re still not convinced (like, how though)?

This is one of my favorite manufacturer’s websites, and they explain everything I just said, in about the same order (because I took the outline from them), far more eloquently. If you look around, you can also mess with a savings calculator – which is pretty dang cool to see how much money you can save in addition to all the health factors of cloth (like what!!!).

Here’s some more information about health factors, which is pretty important to Cheeky Things (and most parents!). Take a look at this one, it will blow your mind. This website is one of the most informational websites you can turn to when considering cloth diapers (and using them), too, so mosey around a bit when you’re finished with the article. You won’t regret it!

This is my blog, and if you scroll to the first post, “Intro to The Poo,” you’ll read the personal reasons why I decided to use cloth (along with some other stuff)… It’s pretty real (I mean, these facts are real too, obviously, but “real,” as in like, “down to Earth”), so maybe you can relate to some of it. Can’t hurt!

And just a couple more links, if you’re interested: