“You Never Know What Battle Someone is Fighting”

A friend asked me yesterday if I was still blogging regularly. I told him I was “too busy” right now (we’re in the middle of a move). I started rambling, as I often do with this friend, and I told him (somewhere in the ramble) that sometimes I just feel like a real shitty parent,Continue reading ““You Never Know What Battle Someone is Fighting””

The (Three Day) Potty Party

Prelude In my “Shame Me” blog post, I mentioned how I would stop pressuring Cheeky, Jr. to go to the bathroom until he was ready… … But then I saw super cute training undies …and then I bought them …and then I was pretty determined to use them. BUT THEN, just like that… as ifContinue reading “The (Three Day) Potty Party”


(originally written 12/1/17) Poop Asshole Resilient Easily Judged No Police Thankful (s)acrifice Just a Few (Okay, 7) Sacrifices: Freedom Ode to the days when I had the freedom to poop (*gasp* she poops?!) without someone trying to “help,” by putting as much toilet paper in the tiny gap between my bum and the seat as heContinue reading “Sacrifice”