The Safe Place

Dear reader, it’s been seven months since my last confession. You see, all the normal excuses have taken over my life – work’s been busy (a good problem to have when you run a business, no?), I started falling asleep with CJ every night, stopped even the most simple acts of self-care, started drinking tooContinue reading “The Safe Place”

The (Three Day) Potty Party

Prelude In my “Shame Me” blog post, I mentioned how I would stop pressuring Cheeky, Jr. to go to the bathroom until he was ready… … But then I saw super cute training undies …and then I bought them …and then I was pretty determined to use them. BUT THEN, just like that… as ifContinue reading “The (Three Day) Potty Party”

“No” Police

(originally written 11/10/2017) Poop Asshole Resilient Easily Judged ‘No’ Police T A Back Story My mom came to visit us (I say us, but really she came to visit Cheeky, Jr. – it’s fine, I’ve accepted it) last weekend. We were doing a little bit of shopping for her grandbaby (I may have slipped aContinue reading ““No” Police”

Bounce Back

R is for… Poop Asshole Resilient E N T Resilient, like when you’re trying to write a blog post, but your baby wakes up for the third time since 8:00, and it’s only 10:30. Resilient, like when you have work in 30 minutes, and you’re running super late, but Babe decides now is a goodContinue reading “Bounce Back”