“No” Police

(originally written 11/10/2017) Poop Asshole Resilient Easily Judged ‘No’ Police T A Back Story My mom came to visit us (I say us, but really she came to visit Cheeky, Jr. – it’s fine, I’ve accepted it) last weekend. We were doing a little bit of shopping for her grandbaby (I may have slipped aContinue reading ““No” Police”

Karma Said, “Nah, Girl”

(original post written 10/14/17) WARNING: Gross Content Ahead. Childless People, Beware. You may have read in yesterday’s blog where I complained about my kid being sick last week. Well, if any of you thought, “what kind of bitch complains about her sick baby?” – you’re not alone. Karma was sitting next to you on thatContinue reading “Karma Said, “Nah, Girl””

P Stands for Parenting. And Poop.

(original post written 10/12/2017) Oh, poop. Poop, poop, poop. Whether you use disposables or cloth, every parent is going to deal with the joys of poop. I dare you to find one active parent that has never dealt with some serious blowouts. …And then bring them to my house so they can be initiated, becauseContinue reading “P Stands for Parenting. And Poop.”

Intro to Momma Cheeks and The Poo

Who am I? Just guess. Guys wanna touch my – …Nothing. I don’t have anything there. Sorry, guys. Alright, now that that’s out of the way… The Poo Hello everyone! Welcome to The Poo! This blog is run by Cheeky Things, a cloth diaper business advocating for a healthy planet, a healthy babe, and healthyContinue reading “Intro to Momma Cheeks and The Poo”