“You Never Know What Battle Someone is Fighting”

A friend asked me yesterday if I was still blogging regularly. I told him I was “too busy” right now (we’re in the middle of a move). I started rambling, as I often do with this friend, and I told him (somewhere in the ramble) that sometimes I just feel like a real shitty parent,Continue reading ““You Never Know What Battle Someone is Fighting””

The Dinner of Truth

The Dinner of Truth  The header’s link is a wonderful podcast, talking about ways we can better understand ourselves, and how the most seemingly “self-aware” people are not usually very self-aware at all. Dr. Tasha Eurich discusses ways in which we can become more self-aware by having conversations with the ones we love – theContinue reading “The Dinner of Truth”

Sometimes we Throw Parties, Sometimes the Theme is Pity.

(originally written 12/13/17) Prelude I’ve felt guilty about leaving you guys (my like, 5 regular readers) hanging last Thursday. That night was filled with dumb tears (tears really are dumb, aren’t they? Like what do they accomplish?) and emotions and other things that left me too handicapped to dedicate any of my time to anythingContinue reading “Sometimes we Throw Parties, Sometimes the Theme is Pity.”