New Year, Same Me

(originally written 1/4/2018) Prelude After throwing my pity party on the last post, life catapulted into a crazy amount of things to do and people to see (as is holiday tradition). During my usual thirstday night post date with you folks, however, I was lying in bed with my terribly sick bugaboo, checking his temperatureContinue reading “New Year, Same Me”


(originally written 12/1/17) Poop Asshole Resilient Easily Judged No Police Thankful (s)acrifice Just a Few (Okay, 7) Sacrifices: Freedom Ode to the days when I had the freedom to poop (*gasp* she poops?!) without someone trying to “help,” by putting as much toilet paper in the tiny gap between my bum and the seat as heContinue reading “Sacrifice”

Bounce Back

R is for… Poop Asshole Resilient E N T Resilient, like when you’re trying to write a blog post, but your baby wakes up for the third time since 8:00, and it’s only 10:30. Resilient, like when you have work in 30 minutes, and you’re running super late, but Babe decides now is a goodContinue reading “Bounce Back”

Karma Said, “Nah, Girl”

(original post written 10/14/17) WARNING: Gross Content Ahead. Childless People, Beware. You may have read in yesterday’s blog where I complained about my kid being sick last week. Well, if any of you thought, “what kind of bitch complains about her sick baby?” – you’re not alone. Karma was sitting next to you on thatContinue reading “Karma Said, “Nah, Girl””