The best strip you’ve seen since parenthood – and only $40.

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If your diapers are getting a little stinky, or you’ve realized (after multiple washes) that you’ve been washing your diapers in hard water, Cheeky Things will make your diapers smelling and feeling fresh again within 3-4 days of pick-up, for only $40.

What’s more: Cheeky Things will loan you enough diapers to last until yours are washed and delivered back to you (fo-free)!

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My son had the worst rash and any disposable diaper just seem to make it worse. Maddy brought me over a stash of newborn diapers right away and his rash was improving after just a few hours. Once I discovered that he was leaking through those she brought over some newborn covers and prefolds to use along with butt cream and spray. The cream is AMAZING and the spray has greatly improved diapers changes and he no longer screams when I wipe him. He finally fit my one size diapers that I own but they were no longer absorbent due to me using the wrong detergent. Maddy brought them back to life by stripping them all for me when I couldn’t. Now I have a very happy baby with a happy bum! I’d highly recommend Cheeky Things to any momma or daddy who want the benefits of cloth diapering without the hassle of the poop!

~Caty Quinn ❤️