One Time Service


Trial Service (1):

Try different types of cloth diapers and brands with a one-week trial service. You’ll get the feel of cloth diapers and Cheeky Things’ cleaning service- without the up front investment. The best part? It’s only one dollar!

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Diaper Strip (40):

The best strip you’ve had since parenthood, and only $40.If your diapers are getting a little stinky, or you’ve realized (after multiple washes) that you’ve been washing your diapers in hard water, Cheeky Things will make your diapers smelling and feeling fresh again within 3-4 days of pick-up, for only $40. What’s more: Cheeky Things will loan you enough diapers to last until yours are washed and delivered back to you (for free)!

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Drop off Service (2/ lb.):

Includes washing, drying, and prepping.

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