Let Cheeky Things Build Your Diaper Stash

Custom diaper stash

Build Your Perfect Cloth Diaper Stash

With the guidance and knowledge you need for a successful diaper experience.

During your consultation, you will:

  • Review different types and brands of diapers.
  • Go over your diaper and accessory options.
  • Build your perfect stash together.


There is no additional charge for building your stash – you’ll only be charged the retail price of the diapers. Pricing for an entire diaper stash (that will last you well beyond 2.5 years) ranges from around $300-1000 (saving you anywhere from $1,000-2,000 per baby). Take a look at Thirsties’ savings calculator for more detailed information on the savings.

Buy a Stash, Get Free Service

Spend $800 or more on your stash, and your first four weeks of diaper service is free!

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Build Your Stash with a Diaper Consultant

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