Book a Cloth Diaper Consultation

It’s like a date, but better.

Cheeky Things knows you only want the best for your precious baby, so it’s no doubt you’ve researched the web about all of your (many) choices to be the best parent you can be.

Schedule a cloth diaper consultation, because disposable diapers aren’t the only way to diaper your babe (and the alternative doesn’t include safety pins or ugly diaper covers). It’s easy to get overwhelmed with cloth diapers, but that’s why Cheeky Things has created the diaper date – a consultation where you’ll get hands-on experience and as much time as you need to have any of your questions answered. You’ll be able to get all of your cloth diaper concerns out of the way in a short period of time, and you’ll leave the date confident that a reusable diaper can be just as easy as a disposable diaper (but better).

Diaper Consultation

During our consultation, we will:

  • talk about your cloth diaper options
  • learn about different types of cloth diapers, services, and pricing
  • choose which diapers or service (or both) will best fit your lifestyle.
  • Walk away with the knowledge to easily keep our planet beautiful
  • Have no commitment obligations beyond the one-hour consultation.

No more researching the pros and cons to cloth diapers. Book a free, one-hour diaper consultation with a diaper consultant to talk about reusable diapers, diaper service options, and more.

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