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Delivery Locations:

  • Tulsa

  • Jenks

  • Broken Arrow

  • $1 per mile per week charge outside of Tulsa, Broken Arrow, or Jenks.

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Service Options

Services that work for your lifestyle and your budget.

Cheeky Things knows how much convenience matters when there’s a new baby in the house, which is why we take all the effort out of diapering your babe (no more running to the store because you’ve run out of diapers, and no extra laundry). Have your dirty diapers replaced with clean cloth diapers at least twice a week, delivered right to your front door.

Less than your daily coffee habit

Venti Macchiato with Almond Milk: $6.81 per drink
Provide Your Own: $3.57 daily
Premium: $4.57 daily
Half-Stash: $4.57 daily
Organic: $4.57 daily

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diapers in washer

Full & Part Time Service


  • Pick up and delivery 2x a week, right to your door.

  • FREE service for 4 weeks with any rental service.

  • Diapers are yours, and only yours.

  • Billed monthly after the first 4 weeks of service.

Organic (32):

Just like the Premium Service, Cheeky Things provides all diapers and accessories – only difference? You’ll be putting organic fabric on that tush, rather than synthetic material. One-time rental fee required.

flower diaper

Premium (32):

Cheeky Things provides all diapers and accessories, so you can get back to worrying about that sleep you didn’t know you’d miss so much. One-time rental fee required.

Cloth diaper bum

Provide Your Own (25):

Provide your own diapers and accessories, and let Cheeky Things do the dirty work. We’ll even prep your stash, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Half-Stash (32):

Half the stash as the Premium Service, and only necessary accessories are provided. Perfect for a “house divided” or frequent travelers. One-time rental fee required.

One Time Service


Trial Service (1):

Try different types of cloth diapers and brands with a one-week trial service. You’ll get the feel of cloth diapers and Cheeky Things’ cleaning service- without the up front investment. The best part? It’s only one dollar!

Schedule your $1 One Week Trial

Diaper Strip (40):

The best strip you’ve had since parenthood, and only $40.If your diapers are getting a little stinky, or you’ve realized (after multiple washes) that you’ve been washing your diapers in hard water, Cheeky Things will make your diapers smelling and feeling fresh again within 3-4 days of pick-up, for only $40. What’s more: Cheeky Things will loan you enough diapers to last until yours are washed and delivered back to you (for free)!

Schedule your Strip

Drop off Service (2/ lb.):

Includes washing, drying, and prepping.

Need More Information?

Meet with a Cheeky Things consultant!

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Book a Diaper Date

It’s like a real date, but better.

Cheeky Things knows you only want the best for your precious baby, so it’s no doubt you’ve researched the web about all of your (many) choices to be the best parent you can be.

Disposable diapers aren’t the only way to diaper your babe, and the alternative doesn’t include safety pins or ugly diaper covers. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with cloth diapers, but that’s why Cheeky Things has created the diaper date – a consultation where you’ll get hands-on experience and as much time as you need to have any of your questions answered. You’ll be able to get all of your cloth diaper concerns out of the way in a short period of time, and you’ll leave the date confident that a reusable diaper can be just as easy as a disposable diaper (but better).

Diaper Date

During our date, we will:

  • talk about your cloth diapering options
  • learn about different types of diapers, services, and pricing
  • choose which diapers or service (or both) will best fit your lifestyle.
  • Walk away with the knowledge to easily keep our planet beautiful
  • Have no commitment obligations beyond this one-hour date.

No more researching the pros and cons to cloth diapers. Book a free, one-hour diaper date with a diaper consultant to talk about reusable diapers, service options, and more.

Schedule Your Diaper Date

Trial Service

One Week of Service, One Dollar.

If you already own cloth diapers, then you are a perfect candidate for Cheeky Things’ Provide Your Own Diapers Service trial. You might just realize how nice it feels for that load to be off your hands and in someone else’s laundry.

If you don’t already own cloth diapers, then the Premium Service trial is for you. This trial allows you to spend a week exposing yourself to all the best brands. Even if you don’t stick with the service, you’ll finish the week knowing which diapers work for your babe.

Schedule Your $1 One Week Trial

Custom-Built Stash

Custom diaper stash

Build Your Perfect Cloth Diaper Stash

With the guidance and knowledge you need for a successful diaper experience.

During your consultation, you will:

  • Review different types and brands of diapers.
  • Go over your diaper and accessory options.
  • Build your perfect stash together.


There is no additional charge for building your stash – you’ll only be charged the retail price of the diapers. Pricing for an entire diaper stash (that will last you well beyond 2.5 years) ranges from around $300-1000 (saving you anywhere from $1,000-2,000 per baby). Take a look at Thirsties’ savings calculator for more detailed information on the savings.

Buy a Stash, Get Free Service

Spend $800 or more on your stash, and your first four weeks of diaper service is free!

Sign up for a diaper date to build your stash now.

Build Your Stash with a Diaper Consultant
Cloth diaper bum

Gift Service to an Expectant Mama

  • Purchase the rental fee
  • Purchase weeks at a time
  • Make a recurring contribution 
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