Diaper Services

Pickup and Delivery Diaper Service

Dealing with the poo, so you don’t have to! 

Use Cheeky Things’ Diaper Service like you use Amazon – clean diapers right to your door. With multiple services to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find one that fits your (and your baby’s) lifestyle.

Service Options:

  1. Provide Your Own Diapers: Cheeky Things will wash and dry your own diapers for you (every 3-4 days).
  2. Basic Service: Pre-folds, covers, and accessories (every 3-4 days).
  3. Premium Service: all-in-one & pocket diapers with accessories (every 3-4 days).
  4. Natural / Organic Service: Premium service with natural/ organic fabrics and products (every 3-4 days).
  5. Preschool Service : premium service, directly to your child’s classroom (every day).
  6. Trial Service: One week of PYOD service or Premium service. No commitment required.

Provided Accessories (for options 2-6):

  • Reusable wipes
  • Custom bottom spray
  • Biodegradable liners
  • Travel wet bag
  • Pail liner (x 2)

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Cheeky Things will contact you with payment, your first delivery date, and additional information within 24 hours.


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