The Pre-Period, “You Crazy,” Blues

Anyone else get CRAZY before their periods? Some people mark their calendars with a little red dot. Some people know because their birth control pills turn a different color. Others? ‘They’ know, because ‘their’ mood totally changes and 'they' become a crazy psycho bitch who should be locked in a padded room. All control of … Continue reading The Pre-Period, “You Crazy,” Blues

“You Never Know What Battle Someone is Fighting”

A friend asked me yesterday if I was still blogging regularly. I told him I was "too busy" right now (we're in the middle of a move). I started rambling, as I often do with this friend, and I told him (somewhere in the ramble) that sometimes I just feel like a real shitty parent, … Continue reading “You Never Know What Battle Someone is Fighting”

The (Three Day) Potty Party

Prelude In my "Shame Me" blog post, I mentioned how I would stop pressuring Cheeky, Jr. to go to the bathroom until he was ready... ... But then I saw super cute training undies ...and then I bought them ...and then I was pretty determined to use them. BUT THEN, just like that... as if … Continue reading The (Three Day) Potty Party