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Cheeky Things is a locally owned, locally-run business, advocating for healthy families and a healthy planet. Whether living a healthy family lifestyle is important to you, or you want to save thousands of dollars on your baby’s diaper years (or both), this business has you covered.

From custom-built diaper stashes, to all-inclusive diaper services (including an all-organic line), Cheeky Things strives to make your diaper experience easy, simple, and FUN.

About Maddy
(The Owner)

I won’t go too into telling you about myself, mainly because this business isn’t about me – Cheeky Things is about you, and your babies, and this beautiful planet. BUT – I do realize you’d like to know I’m a credible, half-way intelligent human before you place the wellness of your babes’ precious bum in my hands, so I’ll give you a wee bit of background information to sooth those worries (you can also read my blog, and more likely than not your questions will be answered in some post):

My name is Maddy Martin. I am a mother, a daughter, a partner, a manager/ assistant of a local boxing gym, and (most obvious) a small business owner. I have my Master’s Degree in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership for Secondary Education. I taught English to ninth graders for three years. When my son was born, I decided to focus my attention on him, and opted out of teaching for a part-time job that allowed me to bring my baby to work with me.

Since then, I’ve built this business from scratch, with no similar business model or mentor to help along the way (although I am fortunate enough to have lots of help from wonderful friends and family whenever I need them). I am still going through the amazing (yet sometimes taxing) experiences of a first-time business owner, but I’m loving every minute of it and wouldn’t change the organic development even if I had the chance.

The idea of Cheeky Things stemmed from my original lack of knowledge about cloth diapers mixed with my current knowledge, and my ever-lasting motivation to make the planet a beautiful place for our kids to grow up.

Cheeky Things has evolved from e-commerce, to retail booths around town, to strictly cleaning services, and now to various services (sparkled with 24/7 diaper support). While the business itself has evolved, my main mission for Cheeky Things has always been the same: make everyone’s cloth diapering journey easy and suitable for each family’s unique lifestyle. This way, eliminating waste out of landfills will be fun, rather than a burden, and you won’t have to sacrifice time with your new baby in order to help make his or her future a great one.

Now, everything starts with a diaper date. The date then leads to a trial service, and ends with cleaning services (ranging from $20-$60 a week), or diaper stash services (I’ll build a custom diaper stash to fit your needs – and wants, of course).

Like I said: this business is about you, your baby/ies, and beautiful Mother Nature.

Call (918) 829-4433, or email info@cheekythings.org, to sign up for your diaper date today!

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