About Cheeky Things

The Business

Baby in diaper


Cheeky Things is a locally owned, locally-run business, advocating for healthy families and a healthy planet. This diaper service serves Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow, and surrounding areas. Pick up and delivery is twice a week, so you don’t have poopy diapers sitting in your house for long periods of time. Pricing ranges from $25-32 a week, depending on the service you choose (we will clean your personal diaper stash, or we will can provide you with diapers – and everything else you need to cloth diaper successfully. We have designed our services to cater to your family, your lifestyle, and your budget.

If living a healthy family lifestyle is important to you, or you want to save thousands of dollars on your baby’s diaper years (or both), this business has you covered.

Bottom line? Cheeky Things strives to make your diaper experience easy, simple, and FUN.

The Owner and Founder

Mom and Baby in front of Tulsa skyline

Maddy ‘Mama Cheeks’ Martin started Cheeky Things after a friend introduced her to cloth diapers while she was pregnant with her son. Eight months after [Cheeky, Jr.] was born, she decided to make cloth diapers easily accessible to the Tulsa area, and opened a fusion business that consisted of online retail and consultation diaper services. A year of failed attempts later, Maddy realized the real reason most people didn’t want to cloth diaper: they didn’t want to deal with the mess.

January of 2018 marked change for Cheeky Things, and Maddy changed her business model. Cheeky Things was no longer retail-based, and turned into Tulsa’s cloth diaper service. Now, customers can book free diaper dates to learn about diapers first-hand with a diaper consultant (no more pesky, daunting research on all the different options). If a customer doesn’t want a consultation, s/he can go straight into subscribing to a pick-up and delivery cleaning service on the diaper service page.

The main goal in creating Cheeky Things for Maddy was (and is) to make reusable diapers as convenient as disposable diapers. Limiting waste production is important for our children’s future, and Cheeky Things strives to make your sustainability efforts… well, effortless.


Molly and Nate