The (Three Day) Potty Party


In my “Shame Me” blog post, I mentioned how I would stop pressuring Cheeky, Jr. to go to the bathroom until he was ready…

… But then I saw super cute training undies

…and then I bought them

…and then I was pretty determined to use them.

BUT THEN, just like that… as if he, too, were interested in the super cute training undies, he decided to start showing an interest in using the toilet again.

Like anyone with a kid who regularly poops three times a day, I jumped on this “window” (there are apparently windows of when kids fall in and out of interest with the potty).

I researched a TON. I actually researched, like, way more than I researched the first time. I came upon an article that suggested making the entire three days a “party” to get the babe excited about potty training.

Who doesn’t love a party?

After deciding we were going to have a party instead of an “intensive potty training” weekend, I thought, well, it’s not going to be much of a “party” if it’s just the two of us… 

I asked my friend, Morgan, who has a babe around 27 months, if she wanted to venture on this journey with me.


(warning: there will be a LOT of videos in this post. But, they’re videos with me and Morgan, which means they’re pretty great, which means you’re missing out if you opt out, ya hurr?)

(I know that was a little much)

(But not too much to where I’m deleting it, so… #sorrynotsorryenough?)

Um, okay, what?

Intensive Potty Training is this method that some parents journey into when deciding to potty train their babes, many of whom have documented their experience.

(including us!)

There’s no specific way of doing the intensive potty training that works better than the others (but there is a specific way that seems terrible) – you just have to feel out your kid. Baby L (Morgan’s babe), for instance, is older and has better bladder control than Cheeky, Jr – so he really didn’t need to be reminded to go to the potty as much as CJ did.

How it works: Most things I’ve read on the subject say to put your kid on the potty every 15 minutes the first day – and to set a timer – and to keep them on the potty for 5-10 minutes every time they go. One lady was on Dr. Phil, or some other doctor show, and I had to stop watching because she honestly seemed like some fascist (secret: I don’t really know if this would be the right term, but it sounds mean enough) who was handed a bunch of toddlers, and I thought, if this is what intensive potty training is about, then I’m not doing it – F that, I’m not going to shame my kid into going potty. He can be 5 and still pooping in a diaper before I do this...

(You can read more on “intensive potty training” by putting those three words into your favorite search bar… there are plenty of articles and videos to keep you busy)

I think the real key to the method, is your kid needs to be showing signs s/he is ready to use the potty; taking an interest in when you go to the bathroom, showing or telling you when s/he goes in the diaper, playing on his/her potty, etc. – if your kid isn’t showing you any signs whatsoever s/he is ready, then you’re in for a TERRIBLE, MESSY time (trust me, the first time I tried it, Cheeky, Jr SO wasn’t ready, and I SO wasn’t prepared, and it ended mid-day for two days, with me feeling completely defeated and frustrated and also like the worst mom in the world, and my living room was covered in pee and poop particles. No, thanks).

The Potty Party is a spin off of the “intensive” training method, where the babe is still pants(and diaper)-less (bare-bummed), and you’re encouraging potty time every 15-20 minutes (especially) the first few hours.

The most important thing, though (other than your babe being ready to potty train), and obviously just in my (and now probably Morgan’s) opinion?

You need to CELEBRATE every time s/he goes, with presents and candy and a big “hoorah!” And, if you’re up for it (which we totally were), dancing and singing and chanting every time anyone goes pee or poop… in the potty.

Positive reinforcement and reaffirmation was totally what kept Cheeky, Jr. interested in going potty on the potty, and I think seeing and experiencing that excitement is what motivated Baby L to go on the potty, too.

When they realized they were getting something out of it, and we were excited for them, it was no longer something they “had” to do, but something they wanted to do – plus, it made the whole potty training thing fun (instead of a huge pain in the ass).

(making things fun is the Cheeky Things way, of course).

(Note: don’t confuse a pain in the ass and exhausting to be the same thing. We were definitely exhausted, and at times frustrated, by the end of the day – but that doesn’t mean we weren’t having a blasty blast getting there)

The Potty Party: Day One 

The first day was pretty intense.

It was fun…

and it was exhausting, to say the least.

The Morning

We wrapped their potties in wrapping paper, gave the boys hats and noise makers, and pretended to be suuuuper excited when they opened their “presents.”


After the boys realized their presents were potties (they actually were pretty excited about this, by the way), we started the day with “throwing,” or “giving” away all of our diapers, and explaining the boys weren’t wearing the diapers anymore because they were “big boys,” and they were going to wear “big boy undies” from now on.

(disclaimer: these are Morgan’s diapers – CJ doesn’t know what disposable diapers are. heh)

Then, the potty party began. Cheeky, Jr. peed and pooped in the potty, so he earned a “prize” from the “potty-party favor” bag.

(each prize was a dollar at Dollar General. The place is awesome, you have to admit)

Not 10 minutes later, Baby L makes his Potty Debut, and earns a prize.

Nap Time 

Neither Morgan, nor myself, were brave enough to let the boys go bottomless through nap time (or throughout the night), so we put on the adorable training undies (also known as the ultimate reason for this endeavor) and hoped for the best. Morgan put mattress covers on each bed, too, just in case – and for the first night, I put a ton of towels underneath CJ. The mattress covers were a freaking prime purchase, if you’re wondering. Definitely a necessary investment (even with the babes wearing the training undies).

(I don’t have the energy (or Fs) to combine these videos right now – I received a phone call in between the video, which is why it’s split in two)

(*shoulder shrug* – you’ll just have to deal.)

Update for CJ! 

Update for Baby L!

Morgan’s so excited she becomes speechless!

(resulting in another split video)

The First Day’s End-of-Party Result
(PS: the night didn’t end… just day one’s “party”)

Well, it’s a party, right…?

Whatever, these mommas deserved it!

Day Two

The Potty Party’s “Day One Hangover”

There were some ups, there were some downs, there was definitely some poop, and there was a whole lotta pee… but there was PROGRESS, so… take that, will ya?

The Day Two “Night Cap”…(s)

So, day two went pretty well… except for the end, where Cheeky, Jr. may or may not have thrown me over the edge and into a liquor store, where I bought my favorite box of wine and proceeded to drink for two. BUT – it could have been worse…

Key word: progress.

(if I just keep repeating it…. Oh, the horror)

I’m pretty sure my purple teeth explain it all… so no need for the volume up on this one..

(I’m also not exactly sure what this screen is… and I’m not tech-savvy enough to get rid of it. But I promise, it’s us… not that weird girl with the text.)

Day Three (and Day Four) (and The Moral of the Potty Party)

Well, on day three, I guess you could say I died. Morgan had church in the morning, and I had a massive headache, and so we went our separate ways and decided to do the third day of this whole training “party” on our own. The hard part was over, we thought, so we could probably handle it from here.

We weren’t wrong, honestly. Even with my multitude of naps on day three, Cheeky, Jr. still only had a small amount of messes. AND every time he realized he was starting to make an accident, he ran to the potty and yelled “pee!!” and finished on the toilet.

Success? HELL. YEAH!

Morgan’s End Result

The moral (if you’re opting out of these one-of-a-kind, super awesome videos): Baby L has transformed into a potty-trained MASTER (Amen).

Momma Cheek’s End Result
(don’t mind the ratchetness that is this video)

The moral (if you didn’t literally hear me say what the moral is): IT WORKS!!! It’s frustrating (sometimes), and it’s definitely exhausting, but it WORKS. And if you can make a “party” out of it with one of your best frans and one of your best frans’ babes, then that’s what you’ll ultimately remember- the party, and the prizes, and the excitement (from EVERYONE) when your babe does what s/he is supposed to do – pee (or poop) in that little potty of theirs.

Hallelujah! We have potty trained tots!

-Momma Cheeks

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  1. Great!! He still has a couple accidents with me after school when he’s tired (but hasn’t had an accident at preschool for about a week and a half), and will wet the bed RIGHT as he’s waking up in the morning (although we went twice through the night this week with no accidents). It’s a work in progress, but we haven’t put on a diaper since the potty party weekend! 🤗

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