This Tragedy isn’t About Guns. This Tragedy is About Us.

My original post for this week is being postponed, due to my inability to hold back on current issues any further. It’s All About the Kids: Part I As I’ve mentioned before, I was a teacher for three years. I don’t think I’ve actually mentioned any of the benefits I experienced while teaching, though… OneContinue reading “This Tragedy isn’t About Guns. This Tragedy is About Us.”

The Dinner of Truth

The Dinner of Truth  The header’s link is a wonderful podcast, talking about ways we can better understand ourselves, and how the most seemingly “self-aware” people are not usually very self-aware at all. Dr. Tasha Eurich discusses ways in which we can become more self-aware by having conversations with the ones we love – theContinue reading “The Dinner of Truth”

Wine, Pregnancy, and the Word “No”

(originally written 2/2/2018) Introduction Pregnancy involved a lot of being told “no.” If you know me at all, you know how well I take someone telling me what to do – never mind someone telling me what not to do (GOD I LOVE IT). A Few Examples Loud noises? No. Work out? Only if you’re,Continue reading “Wine, Pregnancy, and the Word “No””


(originally written 1/27/2018) What is co-sleeping? Sharing a bed with your baby – sharing the same sleeping environment – sleep-sharing, a family bed – any way you want to put it, that’s what it is. When I decided to write this post, I chose to back my decision with research. I decided I would beContinue reading “Co-Sleeping”