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One Week, Zero Obligation!

Cheeky Things’ Sustainability Services

Cloth Diaper Services for Your Baby


Cleaning services starting and ending right at your door, a custom-built diaper stash for those of you wanting to cloth diaper solo, diaper dates for parents with question about giving their child a fluffy bum, a one-week trial for those wanting a hands-on experience without the commitment, a one- time diaper strip for diapers needing a good cleanse, and 24-hour CD support. What else could you ever ask for?

The Paperless Towel Service for Your Business


Taking your grandma’s linen service to a whole new level. These paperless towels will fit right into most paper towel dispensers, mimicking your current paper towels. The difference? Way less trash, a print on each paperless towel to match your business’s culture, no extra laundering, softer on your customer’s hands, and much softer on the environment. Click here to sign up.