Experience cloth diapers with a one-week, one-dollar, no-obligation diaper service.


Cheeky Things provides multiple services to accommodate any family. From cleaning services to 24/7 support, Cheeky Things has you covered.

Diaper Date

Not sure where to start with cloth diapers? Schedule a diaper date to talk about diapers, services, and more.

  • Free coffee
  • Free diaper consultation
  • Free diaper perusal
  • Oh, did we say free?

Cleaning Services

Interested in cloth diapers, but don’t want to deal with the dirty side of things? Not to worry. Cheeky Things will deal with the poo, so you don’t have to! Sign up for a one week trial service to see what all the stink is about.

  • Don’t get out of your PJ’s: the magic happens right outside your door (pick up and delivery for Tulsa and surrounding areas)
  • Four services to choose from
  • Pick-up every three to four days
  • Tested pH levels
  • Environmentally friendly detergent
  • Commercial washer and dryer (which means less power, way less water, and even less waste).

Custom-Built Diaper Stash

Let Cheeky Things build your diaper stash for you, specifically designed to your lifestyle. Worry about the important things… Like how to assemble that dang crib. (No, we don’t have a service for that)

Diaper stripping

When your diapers are feeling a little stingy, or they’re smelling a little funky, Cheeky Things will pick up and strip your diapers to make them feel (and smell) fresh again. What’s more: Cheeky Things will loan you a (no-cost) replacement stash while your diapers are in our care.

24/7 Cloth Support

With any service comes cloth diaper support. If we don’t know the answer to your questions, we’ll do the research… so you don’t have to. Keep your free time for mindless Facebook scrolling, and leave the confusing diaper jargon to us.